Purple Themed Baby Shower

I recently had the privilege of decorating a purple themed baby shower for my best friend and her little baby girl…

baby shower candy bar purple candiesbaby shower chalkboard she will be lovedbaby shower chalkboard sign hand arrowbaby shower purple baby rattle cupcakes


For one of the dessert options, my friend’s mom made these baby rattle cupcakes by drilling holes into gumballs and sticking straws in them!

baby shower purple candy bar decorationsbaby shower purple cupcakesbaby shower purple decorations dessert cheesecakebaby shower purple paper garland decorations

These purple paper garlands were made with a big circle hole punch and some cardstock paper. With the help of my sewing machine I stitched them them together in a line and hung them up.baby shower purple tissue pom pomsbaby shower purple tulips dessert chocolate trufflepurple baby shower tulle bow water bottlewelcome to baby shower chalkboard signIt was so much fun putting together these chalkboard signs, tissue pom poms, candy bar, and other cute purple baby shower decor! So excited to meet this little baby girl!

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New Year Chalkboard Sign

There are far better things ahead than any we leave behindThere are far better things ahead than any we leave behind C.S. Lewispink rosesThere are far better things ahead than any we leave behind. C.S. Lewis

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American Flag Made From Pallet Boards

I had some leftover pieces of pallet boards from this and this project, and decided to put the scraps together to make an American Flag. I grabbed a bunch of pieces that were the same thickness and cut them all to the same length with a chop saw. I designed the flag to be constructed in three separate panels, measuring everything with an effort to keep the flag fairly close to the accurate proportions.

American Flag pallet wood tape stripes

I painted all the boards with some white paint (slightly watered down to give it a white washed look) then taped off the sections for the red stripes with painters tape.

American Flag pallet wood painted stars

For the stars I created a paper template and traced all the star outlines onto the white background. To fill in the background I carefully painted in two coats of the deep blue around the white stars.

American Flag pallet wood painted

Once all the paint dried I went back over the flag with the orbital sander to give it a little bit of a worn look.

American Flag painted pallet wood wall art

The total cost for this pallet wood American flag project was about $15 for paint. And about 6 hours of my time.

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Easy Wall Art – Framed First Day Covers

My grandma had a box full of postal first day covers from the 40s and 50s that were just sitting in a box for the past few decades so I decided to frame a few for some cheap artwork.

First Day Covers to frame as artwork

I picked up four frames from IKEA and cut some white posterboard to fit in the frames to act as the mat for the frame.

Ikea Stromby Frame

Sorting through the first day covers I pulled out a few of my favorites, carefully centered them, lightly taped them to the posterboard and hung all the frames up on the wall.

First day covers new york

first day covers framed wall art

first day covers framed as inexpensive wall art

Total cost of this first day cover wall art – around $65 (for the frames and posterboard)

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Growing Your Own Wheatgrass Centerpieces

I’ve seen lots of pictures of beautiful wheatgrass centerpieces like this:


and this:


and I had a few galvanized metal containers I picked up in the dollar section at Target so I decided to use them to try growing my own wheatgrass. I found the seed here on Amazon and bought a 5lb bag (way more than I really needed).

I found lots of helpful wheatgrass instructions online like this youtube video and in a few days I had some rapidly growing wheatgrass on my hands.

wheatgrass seed in water

wheatgrass seed growing

wheatgrass centerpieces galvanized pails

wheatgrass centerpiece galvanized container

Most of the containers were used as table centerpieces at my church for Easter and the grass looks great for a couple of weeks – very bright green and “Spring-y”

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Pallet Wood Wall Art

I had some leftover pieces of pallet wood from this project so I decided to make another sign with it.

pallet wood sign before stain

I stained the wood then did a little bit of sanding once it was dried. The words I chose – “Hope is an anchor for the soul” are inspired by Hebrews 6:19. I sketched them loosely in chalk before following up with a paintbrush.

pallet wood sign painted words

After everything was finished and fully dried I sanded over the letters again and attached all the boards together on the back with a thin piece of plywood and some screws.

hope is an anchor for the soul pallet sign

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Kitchen Makeover: DIY Kitchen Backsplash – Subway Tile

With most of the kitchen remodeling complete (painted cabinets, new countertops, new floor, etc.) one of the major remaining projects was backsplash tile installation. After looking at a ton of different options we decided to go with white subway tile. It’s simple, classic, inexpensive, and easy to install.

white subway tiles from Lowes

we picked up a few boxes of 3″ x 6″ white subway tile from Lowe’s, with the cost per tile around 22 cents.

subway tile backsplash lay out rows

We laid out the first couple of rows to get an idea of how the tiles would line up.

prep countertops for backsplash installation

To try and minimize the mess, the countertops were covered with paper and the walls were taped.

mix thinset for subway tile backsplash installation

We mixed the thinset and started the installation. Tile cuts were made using a wet tile saw that was borrowed from a friend. Rubber tile spacers helped to make sure the spacing between every tile was even.

diy backsplash subway tile installation progress

diy kitchen backsplash tile installation before grout

adding grout to kitchen backsplash subway tile

The day after the tile was all installed we mixed up the grout – a light grey color to provide a tiny bit of contrast from the white tile.

completed diy kitchen backsplash subway tile

Once the grouting was finished all the spaces between countertop and tile were caulked. The project took a whole weekend but cost less than $150 in materials. Can’t beat that.

backsplash tile kitchen subway tile finished

Before starting this project I found a ton of great resources online for a DIY subway tile backsplash installation including the following:

DIY Network


Infarrantly Creative

The Mustard Ceiling Blog

Do It Yourself

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Powder Room Remodel: Painting Vanity Cabinet

The oak vanity in the downstairs powder room had the same look as the old kitchen cabinets. So I gave it an update using the same process as the kitchen cabinets, but this time with a tinted primer and black paint.

oak cabinet primer and paint benjamin moore

powder room vanity oak cabinet tinted primer

The oak framed bathroom mirror also got the same treatment. New brushed nickel hardware was added to the doors and drawers and the cabinet got a new laminate counter top.

powder room bathroom vanity update

powder room vanity oak cabinet painted black finished

powder room before and after painting oak vanity cabinet


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Misc. Christmas Decor

Christmas Chalkboard verse Isaiah 9

Christmas chalkboard inspired by this free printable.

Christmas carboard letters JOY spray painted

Cardboard letters from Joann’s painted with some leftover satin nickel spray paint.

Christmas letters printed on sheet music merry & bright

I took an old frame and strung wire across it for hanging pictures, etc. Since it’s the Christmas season I decided to take some old sheet music I found at a thrift store, print some letters on it and hang them from the wire with some binder clips.

Christmas letters printed on sheet music

chalkboard spray painted silver trays

I added some chalkboard spray paint to these old silver trays.

More to come!

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Powder Room Remodel: Beadboard Walls, New Floor

The downstairs powder room got updated with some new vinyl flooring (the same from the upstairs bathroom project)

powder room remodel - add new floors

The white walls were warmed up with a fresh coat of Valspar’s Churchill Hotel Wheat paint and some panels of beadboard and trim.

powder room bathroom add beadboard

powder room new floor and beadboard

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