Office Gallery Wall Part 3: Hanging the Pictures

Frames painted. Pictures printed. The obvious next step: hang up all the pictures.

To avoid putting too many unnecessary nail holes in the wall I took a rather meticulous approach to hanging up the pictures.

I started by rolling out some brown paper craft paper, tracing all the frames on that paper, and then cutting those rectangles out to place on the wall. I also numbered all these pieces of paper to correspond with the frame number.

frames gallery wall layout

Next, I measured where I wanted everything to be on the wall, with the help of the diagram that I made on my computer. These are the tools I used for measuring:

gallery wall picture frame hanging tools

And, yes they’re in the shape of a face.

I used blue painters tape to secure all the rectangles to their appropriate spots on the wall. Then I marked on each brown piece of paper where the nail hole(s) should go. By doing this I was able to hammer the nail straight through the brown paper then pull the paper off over it and hang the picture up.

gallery wall frame layout

Hanging the brown paper was the most time consuming part of the project but once everything was where I wanted it hanging the actual pictures went pretty quick.

gallery wall hanging progress

Voila! And I only made two accidental nail holes in the wall!

gallery wall hanging finishedgallery wall pictures complete side viewThis project did take a bit of time, but it cost well under $100 and it completely changes the look of the room.

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