Carving Pumpkins… With a Drill

Since Halloween is fast approaching and my parents had a few pumpkins sitting in their garden I decided I should probably do some pumpkin carving. Instead of doing scary faces I thought it might be cool to do polka-dots or words.

I figured the easiest way to carve perfect dots or circles in a pumpkin would be to use a drill.

To write the word “BOO” on one pumpkin, I made a dotted outline with a marker and drilled a bunch of holes with a smaller drill bit to spell out the word.

pumpkin carving with drill

For the second pumpkin I decided to just do a random polka-dot pattern so I used a larger drill bit. It actually took me way longer to clean out the inside of the pumpkin than to drill the holes.

pumpkins after carved with drill

And that’s it. Simple and easy Halloween decorations for the front steps.

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