Chalkboard Contact Paper

I’m in the process of making some chalkboards with magnetic primer and chalkboard paint, but in the meantime I also decided to make some with this super cool chalkboard contact paper you can buy here for just $8.49.

You may remember back here when I made a gallery wall. Well, a few weeks ago one of the frames randomly fell off the wall and the glass broke, so I took the glass out of another old frame to replace it. I was left with an empty frame that I didn’t know what to do with. Solution: chalkboard.

chalkboard frame

I liked the design of the frame but not so much the color, so I spray painted it glossy white.

My dad cut out a piece of hardboard to fit the dimensions of the frame, and I cut out a piece of the chalkboard contact paper just a smidge bigger than the hardboard.

chalkboard contact paper

To apply the contact paper I just peeled off the back and carefully stuck it on the smooth side of the hardboard being careful not to get any bubbles of air trapped. I smoothed it all out with a Pampered Chef scraping tool I found in the kitchen drawer.

chalkboard contact paper

I flipped the whole thing over and used an x-acto knife to trim the paper so it fit exactly to the size of the hardboard.

chalkboard contact paper

Then I stuck it in the frame and it looks pretty darn good! I’m starting to think the contact paper method is way easier than the paint. I guess the only issue is that the roll of contact paper is only 18″ wide so that might be limiting if you’re trying to cover a bigger area.

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