Kitchen Makeover: Countertops

This week was new countertop week at my parents house! Solid countertops like granite or soapstone are really beautiful and everything but they can also be very expensive. Therefore, we opted to have our existing laminate counters covered with another laminate.

before new countertops

one last look before the new countertops are installed

To prep the kitchen my dad and brother removed the sink and oak backsplash. Then we had a local cabinetmaker install our new laminate counters.

We chose Wilsonart’s “Oiled Soapstone” which is a dark grey with some darker and lighter color variations in it. The cost of these new counters is a fraction of what actual soapstone would be and I think they still look amazing.

new kitchen countertops

You may have noticed that the old countertop edges used to be oak trim, but we also had that covered with the oiled soapstone laminate.

countertops oiled soapstone laminate

new oiled soapstone countertops

As if new countertops weren’t enough… we also got a new fridge! My parents were basically waiting for our 20 year old fridge to croak any day so they went shopping and bought a new one last weekend.

new kitchenaid fridge

Yay for a bright new fridge that’s also way more efficient than our old one! The only downside – all these fancy new appliances make our stove look super old.

P.S. you can look here orĀ here to see more “before” pictures of the kitchen.

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