Magnetic Chalkboards and Scrabble Magnets

Over the summer I picked up some frames from garage sales for a few dollars all for the purpose of turning them into chalkboards. So now, several months later, I finally got around to making those chalkboards.

hardboard before painting with magnetic primer

My dad helped me out by cutting some hardboard to fit the frame sizes then I rolled on about four coats of magnetic primer. When using magnetic primer it’s important to stir it REALLY well because all the magnetic stuff settles to the bottom of the can.

magnetic primer

painting with magnetic primer

The foam roller left the texture a little rough so I lightly sanded the boards before rolling on a couple coats of chalkboard paint.

I figured I should also probably make some cool magnets to go with the magnetic chalkboards, so I pulled out my parents’ old Scrabble game. We have two sets so I took all the letter tiles from the old one and decided to turn them into magnets. We were already missing some of the letters from that set anyway.

scrabble tile magnets

I took a roll of magnetic stuff, which has a peel and stick backing to it, and I cut it into little scrabble-tile-sized pieces. I didn’t trust the peel and stick backing to adhere really well, so I glued all the magnet pieces with a hot glue gun.

scrabble tile magnetsmagnetic chalkboard with scrabble tile magnets

Now I have a sweet scrabble-tile chalkboard/message board!

magnetic chalkboard with scrabble magnets

They’re also really fun to put on the fridge:

scrabble magnets for fridge

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