Kitchen Makeover: DIY Kitchen Backsplash – Subway Tile

With most of the kitchen remodeling complete (painted cabinets, new countertops, new floor, etc.) one of the major remaining projects was backsplash tile installation. After looking at a ton of different options we decided to go with white subway tile. It’s simple, classic, inexpensive, and easy to install.

white subway tiles from Lowes

we picked up a few boxes of 3″ x 6″ white subway tile from Lowe’s, with the cost per tile around 22 cents.

subway tile backsplash lay out rows

We laid out the first couple of rows to get an idea of how the tiles would line up.

prep countertops for backsplash installation

To try and minimize the mess, the countertops were covered with paper and the walls were taped.

mix thinset for subway tile backsplash installation

We mixed the thinset and started the installation. Tile cuts were made using a wet tile saw that was borrowed from a friend. Rubber tile spacers helped to make sure the spacing between every tile was even.

diy backsplash subway tile installation progress

diy kitchen backsplash tile installation before grout

adding grout to kitchen backsplash subway tile

The day after the tile was all installed we mixed up the grout – a light grey color to provide a tiny bit of contrast from the white tile.

completed diy kitchen backsplash subway tile

Once the grouting was finished all the spaces between countertop and tile were caulked. The project took a whole weekend but cost less than $150 in materials. Can’t beat that.

backsplash tile kitchen subway tile finished

Before starting this project I found a ton of great resources online for a DIY subway tile backsplash installation including the following:

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