Growing Your Own Wheatgrass Centerpieces

I’ve seen lots of pictures of beautiful wheatgrass centerpieces like this:


and this:


and I had a few galvanized metal containers I picked up in the dollar section at Target so I decided to use them to try growing my own wheatgrass. I found the seed here on Amazon and bought a 5lb bag (way more than I really needed).

I found lots of helpful wheatgrass instructions online like this youtube video and in a few days I had some rapidly growing wheatgrass on my hands.

wheatgrass seed in water

wheatgrass seed growing

wheatgrass centerpieces galvanized pails

wheatgrass centerpiece galvanized container

Most of the containers were used as table centerpieces at my church for Easter and the grass looks great for a couple of weeks – very bright green and “Spring-y”

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