American Flag Made From Pallet Boards

I had some leftover pieces of pallet boards from this and this project, and decided to put the scraps together to make an American Flag. I grabbed a bunch of pieces that were the same thickness and cut them all to the same length with a chop saw. I designed the flag to be constructed in three separate panels, measuring everything with an effort to keep the flag fairly close to the accurate proportions.

American Flag pallet wood tape stripes

I painted all the boards with some white paint (slightly watered down to give it a white washed look) then taped off the sections for the red stripes with painters tape.

American Flag pallet wood painted stars

For the starsĀ I created a paper template and traced all the star outlines onto the white background. To fill in the background I carefully painted in two coats of the deep blue around the white stars.

American Flag pallet wood painted

Once all the paint dried I went back over the flag with the orbital sander to give it a little bit of a worn look.

American Flag painted pallet wood wall art

The total cost for this pallet wood American flag project was about $15 for paint. And about 6 hours of my time.

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